Through my books, you can take advantage of my experience and see illustrated examples for you to include in your everyday routine and create your own style.


In this brilliant book Cristina revisits about thirty wardrobe essentials every women should own.
All of us have them in our closets so why not learning to play with them and create the perfectly chic and stylish outfit for every occasion?

With this beautifully illustrated book, you just need to let yourself be guided by Cristina’s inspirations and favourite items to find the combination that makes the difference!

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This book is the story of a true passion for fashion that explains the love that binds Cristina to Paris, respects her Brazilian roots, her dreams as a little girl combined with her achievements as a women. This book reads like a movie. The photos are life snapshots and the clothing is simple, colourful, creative and timeless. This book tells the story of fashion, how it exists and how it develops … Clothes roam the streets and the magical parts of the capital …


A real style method for curvy women so that they have a top look! 12 women between 16 and 50 have their look completely revamped. The author teaches each one to enhance his or her own potential beauty.


With this practical guide you will learn to enhance your figure and hide those little imperfections. You’ll learn how to look amazing.


40 women and their metamorphosis. With Cristina Cordula’s assessment, these women enjoy a real lesson in style with make-up as well as a hair makeover. Before and after, without any special effects, result in fabulous makeovers.


A clever little book to teach you how to make the most of your appearance…Without breaking the bank. It includes all the tips from a professional to help you enhance your look and hide those little flaws in your figure.